Touché 5000

TOUCHÉ 5000 – A designed solar cell lighting column from SUnTech energiE lights up areas out of the reach of cables

TOUCHÉ 5000 is a CO2 neutral product that runs exclusively on solar energy – hence a PLUG AND PLAY device requiring no additional installation in the form of cables.

Touche_003_stor          Touche_002_stor          Touche_004_stor

It has been specially developed for use in Scandinavian latitudes, where there is limited sunshine during the winter. This means more solar cells with the maximum effect, deployed vertically to make the most of the sunshine as it works its way around the lighting column. This design also makes the lighting column ideal for the rest of Europe, where there are many more hours of sunshine.

Furthermore, the lighting column is made from recyclable materials such as aluminium and polycarbonate, making it a completely eco-friendly, GREEN lighting column: “Light up the world with a clear conscience”.

The lighting column is flexible, so it can be adapted to the various LED luminaires in the market.

Integrated light control

TOUCHÉ 5000 can be supplied with two different light controls, factory-integrated into the lighting column (MASTER and SLAVE).
The operating control; must be deployed in the first lighting column sited in the area.

Deployed in the subsequent lighting columns in the same range.

These controls also enable practical operation of the lighting column, as well as options to track operating data, alarms and capacity performance.


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